MYREN is a contemporary and sustainable fashion brand – founded in the north of Sweden by the designer and tailor Mirja Rosendahl in 2023.

The brand is past-inspired yet forward-looking. It fuses a refined aesthetic with nostalgic-pop and subculture references. The collections include jersey pieces, printed with unique hand-drawn graphics alongside unique tailored ready-to-wear styles.

MYREN designs for longevity, constructs with high craftsmanship and adheres to the environmental practice of ‘reduce and reuse’ – clothes are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, upcycled textiles or high quality deadstock The clothes are produced in Sweden and Portugal with a commitment to a living wage and the welfare of everyone involved in the supply chain.

MYREN is a proud member of the growing slow fashion movement – garments that are thoughtfully produced and made to be cherished.